Class Description


Street Jazz (also called L.A. Jazz) involves shoulder shrugs, hip isolations, and neck rolls emphasizing walking and moving on beat. The classes includes classical jazz as well as more a modern type of jazz .


The foundation for all other forms of dance commonly practiced today, Ballet is a classical dance form dating back to the fifteenth century that involves formal technique including arm, leg, and foot positions to make lines with the body. Balance and correct body posture are the basis for turning, lifting and jumping. Instruction in Ballet is an important first step for any new dancer and needs to be continued throughout a dance life!
In their Ballet classes at DDPAC, children are treated to a fanciful and creative introduction to dance, and older students are offered technique, proper body alignment and musicality.


In Hip Hop, movements are bouncy, fast, and funky. It is foot oriented, but uses body isolations, popping, and break dancing. Hip Hop is highly energetic and allows the dancer to perform with freedom of movement. This dance is ideal for developing improvisational skills as well as musical interpretation.


Acrobatics is a completely different style where you learn how to flip and do tricks in the air. Starting off with basic cartwheels, dancers eventually learn how to do aerials and other advanced steps. Acro also strengthens dancers and will help them with other styles as well.


Lyrical is a Jazz style where dancers do more flowing movements with more emotion and feeling. Jazz has more extension and is slower than traditional jazz. It emphasizes performance and portrayal of emotions.

Technique/Jumps and Turns

There are two parts of a dancer: the performance and the technique. Technique is essential for a dancer. It is what makes up the technical aspect. The technique/Jumps and Turns class offers training in the technical aspects of dance.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre encompasses dancing and acting as well as singing. Acting is important as a dancer to learn stage presence and will greatly improve performance ability. Musical theatre is similar to broadway and will prepare dancers for a successful career.


Contemporary is a hybrid of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance styles. It is a ballet-based technique that allows a greater range of movement than the strict body lines and foot work found in traditional schools of ballet. Contemporary Ballet exposes dancers to a wide range of techniques that fosters versatility. This class focuses on centering, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, fluidity and emotion. The dancer learns to let the music and their own passion guide the movement. The class consists of a warm up with stretching, ballet barre, centre work, and a full dance routine at the end of the class which is all set to contemporary music. The class will let you express yourself through dance and is a benefit to all levels of dancers.