Hair And Makeup


*All classes: hair must be worn in a high, slicked back bun – slicked back includes GEL, HAIR SPRAY, or MOUSSE, and bobby pins where needed. A natural color (a color which matches your hair!) hairnet around the bun is required and secured with bobby pins.

*UNLESS your teacher has instructed you otherwise.

IF your hair is too short to be worn in a bun, please wear it slicked back as neatly as possible.


Combo Classes: Your little dancer will be required to wear pink blush and red lipstick. If they will tolerate black or brown mascara, please include that as well. If your dancer’s eyebrows are very light, you may darken them with eye shadow. No unnatural colored eye shadows will be acceptable.

Ages 7+: Your dancer will be required to wear pink blush, red lipstick, and brown or black mascara, and foundation if they wish. Natural colored eye shadow is recommended, but to “stage makeup” standards. No unnatural colored makeup.