Rates and Dress Code

Hours / Week

.45 mins.
1 hr.
2 hr.
3 hr.
4 hr.
5 hr.
6 hr.
7 hr.
8 hr.
9 hr.
10 hr.




*We offer 10% off for each additional family member taking the least amount of classes.

Pricing Per Hour


Dress Code


Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Hair must be in a slicked bun in order to participate in class.

Boys: White t-shirt, black tights and black ballet shoes.

Combo ages 3-7

Girls: Any color leotard, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

Boys: Comfortable clothing (t-shirt and shorts). Black ballet shoes, black tap shoes.


Girls: Leotard and tights, or form fitting dance-ware. (leggings, sports bras, tank tops). Black or tan jazz shoes and tap shoes.

Boys: Tight fitted t-shirts and athletic pants. Black or tan jazz shoes and tap shoes.

Hip Hop

Girls and Boys: Comfortable dance clothes (not too baggy) and comfortable shoes. No jeans and no slip on shoes.

Tuition and Payment Policies:

The Calabasas Academy of Dance term begins the Tuesday after Labor Day and runs through June 11th 2021. Our program starts in September and culminating in our annual recital June 12th, 2021. Tuition is based on an annual tuition rate. Students enrolled late in the season will have their tuition pro-rated accordingly.

For your convenience, we will divide the tuition rate into 10 equal payments.